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Hire Outsourced Agents!

Pre-Qualified, Pre-Screened Agents!

Save Money, Increase Production, Increase Profits and Market Share!


With our hassle free process we never ask for any upfront fees for our agents. In fact we don’t charge for our agents, at all….ever! All of our agents for hire are pre-screened and interviewed before ever speaking with your company. You get to interview and hire agents of your choosing. If available they can even come into your location for training.


All of the work from home agents will log into our online portal to work from home. This portal allows you to track and monitor in real time all of your agents progress and production. Our portal, known as “Go Auto” is a predictive dialer with in-bound and out-bound capabilities. Like any predictive dialer you are responsible for your long distance and seat costs. All they need is a computer, internet and a headset!


We never charge any upfront fees for agents, in fact the agents are free. We only charge a seat cost. You never pay any advertising expenses or staffing company expenses. Our seat cost are only $10 per month.


Our competitive Predictive-Dialer rate is only 2 and a half cents per minute. Your agents are payed solely on their performance, sales, or actual talk time. Our system logs and tracks everything your agent does with full recording and barge capabilities.

Hassle Free

Pre-Qualified and screened by us! No upfront commitments!

Save Money

Don’t waste money on advertising and HR. Let us find you the right talent for free!

Save Time

We’ve done all the work for you! All you need to do now is take your pick!

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