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Ringless Voicemail Drops

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I am Pastor Jonah and I wanted personally to deliver this message to you and I hope you really read my experience. If you would be interested in growing your Church spiritually as well as numerically, GospelDial.com offers you and your Church a way to reach out to your community without having to depend on volunteers from your Church. As a fellow Christian and Pastor we both know how hard it is to get a visitation team to always show up with many factors which may cause them to cancel last minute.


If you can imagine reaching out to your entire community with a touch of a button, which will only take seconds, this would free up your people to visit the sick at their homes or hospitals. Imagine reaching out to all of your members with a bible verse for the day or crucial reminder of an upcoming event the Church is having, or better yet a way to witness to your whole community! We as a Church didn’t have a big budget as a lot of Churches don’t, but for 12 Ringless Voicemails per member per month costing us only $1.02 per member per month it seemed like a great idea . After a couple of prayers it was an easy decision and I’m glad we decided to try it!


Using GospelDial.com we have found a new way to witness to thousands of people on a weekly basis and share Gods word and plan of salvation in a new age world that demands new age ideas. We have grown our Church in so many ways, and I pray you and your Church do as well. Please take the time to listen to their offer and may God richly bless you and your Church family.


Sincerely yours and God bless,

Pastor Jonah V.


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